Some say only boring people get bored, I don’t know if that’s true, but the truth is every one of us less or more often get this unpleasant feeling of being completely bored. If we get stuck in this state, though, things can get nasty very fast. And what to do when this happen? You can’t ignore it for sure, so pay it a bit of attention, for example by laughing at it while you go through this gallery of bored memes and the boredom will run away. Let’s try!

1. What to do? Chasing a tail is not an option.

bored memes (1)

2. This should be in every management 101 book in the world

bored memes 2 (1)

3. A bit of drama always spices a day. one of the best bored memes on this list

bored images 3 (1)

4. You shall not pass!!! Oh well. Maybe yo do

bored images 25


5. This is mean, dude, but certainly effective.

bored images 5 (1)

6. Green giant cat toys are fun! They can pass the time easily

bored images 6 (1)

7. While you’re feeling bored…Just do this, how cool!

bored images 7 (1)

8. Cats know how to handle boredom. We need to learn from them

bored images 8 (1)

9. Muahahaha……laughter of an evil genius.

bored images 9 (1)

10. Let’s eliminate offices and computers and make the world fun! The dog knows

bored images 10 (1)

11. You said it, girl! Out of my mind is right

bored images 11 (1)

12. This dude is a master of none boredom.

bored images 12 (1)

13. Bored meme at its essential. So good i laughed so hard

bored pictures 13 (1)

14. You smoke a plant that makes you hungry, for fun??? What is this?!

bored pictures 14 (1)

15. Poor Spongebob, I know, I know….

bored pictures 15 (1)

16. Things here will not get bored for sure. Party on cat

bored pictures 16 (1)

17. That fetch thing doesn’t amuse me, human. Don’t test me

bored pictures 17 (1)

18. Boredom is a relative term. I’m having a blast

bored pictures 18 (1)

19. Being kicked in the ass is fun too! Wait till a break.

bored pictures 19 (1)

20. This too shall pass…

bored pictures 20 (1)

21. Oh, that’s fun! Thanks mom!

bored pictures 21 (1)

22. A bored mind is a devil’s playground…

bored pictures 22 (1)

23. What if i told you, only boring people get bored?

bored pictures 23 (1)

24. Whatever…i do me

bored memes 24 (1)

25. What are the chances?!

bored memes 25 (1)

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